Japanese delights

Oh. my. God. Japan, how wonderful you are! It doesn’t matter what language we say it in, you are magnificent!!

Japan has definitely given us the best lunch yet. We have had some great food so far (Yassou, Greece. Ssalamu lekum, Morocco) but, Japan, you have set the bar seriously high.

We didn’t really talk about which was the hero dish today – there was not an unpopular dish. The teriyaki oysters were very popular with those who eat oysters, the beef with miso mash was delicious and the nasu dengaku was scrumptious (thank you, Karma, for the recipe!). The Japanese pancakes were great, and the toffee apple roll with black sesame ice-cream was yummy. Who could not love black sesame ice-cream?

The Sapporo beer went down well, but not nearly as well as the Japanese Gumboots. This is a seriously nice cocktail, and we enjoyed quite a few. The sake was not to anyone’s liking. We all tried it, but most of it went down the sink.

Jenny brought some lovely Japanese paper, and Elysia made an origami crane. We meant to make some more after our meal, but didn’t get around to it.

Will won the quiz. Again! This is getting more than a little boring.

A decision to eat inside was justified. The sky cleared up a couple of times but not enough to think about eating outside. We would have been very, very wet.

Thanks Elysia, again, for being the official photographer.

Sadly for now, it is Sayonara, Japan (and thanks for the memories!), and Guten Tag, Germany.





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