Guten Tag, Germany

Browsing the internet for German recipes, I began to think that it might be a bit crazy to eat lots of wonderful German comfort food in an Australian summer. But then I came across a recipe for Black Forest cake. I am not waiting six months to bake and eat a Black Forest cake!

The menu planning has been going really well.

I found a recipe for soft pretzels, and got to wondering how to shape them. Here’s a great You Tube link that shows how. They are now made, shaped and frozen, waiting to be cooked on the day.

The Black Forest cake is also baked and in the freezer, waiting to be assembled for devouration on 28 January (I think I made up a word there!).

I’ve also bottled a jar of sauerkraut, which worries me more than a little. I have never, ever had any success with preserving (not once, ever), so do not have a lot of faith in what we might end up with. I normally don’t cave into worrying too much about what might go wrong but have bought a pouch of sauerkraut, just in case.

Last weekend I did a trial run of kasespatzle. I remember watching MasterChef one night and the judges were amazed that one of the contestants made spatzle the traditional way, by cutting bits of dough off the board straight into the boiling water. Another visit to You Tube showed me how to make it with a special maker, which I had no intention of buying for this one occasion. More digging around found a clip that used a slotted spoon, so I gave that a try last weekend. So, so, so very yummy! That recipe is a keeper, for sure!

Other food on the menu is Bratkartoffeln (pan-fried potatoes), rouladen (which looks a bit like beef olives) and sauerbraten (which is a pot roast). And I’m about to head off to the shops to do some hunting and gathering of bratwurst sausages.

My shopping list includes 27 pieces of bacon. All that bacon! How can this not be the most delicious feast ever?

The drinks for Germany have been the easiest so far, but that might be because I am not responsible for any of them. Viv and Bill are bringing a couple of bottles of Henkel Trocken, which is one of the nicest of the drinks we are not allowed to call champagne anymore. And Lauren and Will are bringing a slab of Bitburger beer. Nice work, Lauren!

Do you know it’s not punishable by law to escape from prison in Germany? It’s in the fact sheet below. I read it on the internet so it must be true 😉






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