Fasten your seat belts for the descent into Germany!

It has turned out as I feared – we’ll be eating good German winter comfort in a predicted 39 degrees with high humidity. Oh, well, c’est la vie (oops – wrong language, wrong country!). What is that German word that I could use here? I can’t remember how it starts, or even the loose translation of it, but I’m sure there is a German word for it.

I’ve done as much cooking as I can today so that we don’t overheat tomorrow. The purist in me doesn’t like to cook food the day before and reheat it, but the realist in me doesn’t want to have the oven and all four gas burners on with a house full of people in 39 degrees.

The sauerbraten has been cooked and is waiting to be sliced and the gravy poured over it. The rouladen is cooking. The ingredients for the bratkartoffeln have all been prepared. The pretzels are in the freezer. And the black forest cake is in the fridge soaking in all the juice from the cherries that have soaked overnight in kirsch. All that has to be done from scratch tomorrow is the spatzle.

I’ll dash up to the shops in the morning and get some crushed ice to put the drinks in (and to put in the drinks!). My poor little fridge won’t be able to cope with the drinks we’ll need. And we all know how very important it is to stay hydrated in hot weather!

And because it’s going to be so hot, we’ll have to eat inside. The upside of this is that I’ve been able to set the table today and not worry about things blowing away.

It’s looking good!








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