German delights

Danke, Germany. You are superb.

Yes,  it was too bakingly hot to even look outside and, yes, I had cooked good, hearty, winter German food. But how delicious was that food???? Omigosh. Will even went so far as to say that Germany was better than Japan. Now, that is a seriously big call. Japan had blitzed the others by a long shot.

The rouladen and sauerbraten were delicious, the spatzle and the potatoes were impossible to resist, and the pretzels turned out really well. But, for me, the highlight was the black forest cake. Chocolate cake, cherries soaked in kirsch, coffee and kirsch flavoured icing, kirsch-flavoured cream and fresh cherries. Seriously, what is there not to love about black forest cake.

Jan brought what must be the biggest beer stein in the world, Will brought a case of Bitburger and a Bitburger stein, and Viv and Bill brought two bottles of Henkell Trocken. Lauren brought some Fanta for Liam. Liam loves Fanta but he’s not allowed to have it very often. Did you know that Fanta originated in Germany? I didn’t know that but Liam must have – he’s the one who chose Germany.

After sating ourselves with wonderful food and making sure that we were staying hydrated (as you must do in hot weather), we settled in for a round of Scattegories.  I love Scattergories. Even more, I love taunting Will while I’m playing Scattergories.

Will won the quiz. Again. Thanks Jan, for doing the questions. In response to popular demand, I have posted below a copy of the questions in case anyone wants to test their knowledge. Just remember that the questions are drawn only from the factsheet and placemat, and the information on them is drawn from random websites, and I am not putting any veracity in any of that information.

The music was great as well and added to the ambience of the day. I found a Spotify playlist of German Music at Okterberfest that played some good rollicking German drinking songs, even the more popular words to Living next door to Alice. It was fabulous!

Thanks again, Liam, for choosing Germany. It was awesome!

So for now, it is Auf Wiedersehen to Germany, and Ciao to Italy. We’ll be in Italy on 18 February. See you there!








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