Italia, here we come

Flag_ItalyPreparations are under way for lunch in Italy next Sunday, 18 February, and I’m anticipating another wonderful feast.

The Italians, like the Greeks, have been emigrating to Australia for many decades now, and their delicious food and vibrant culture have become an entrenched part of the Australian way of life. How much richer we are, in so many ways, for their contributions!

And, as with choosing the Greek menu, there are so many wonderful and familiar foods to choose from. Shaping up for a spot on the menu are bruschetta, grilled fennel and asparagus salad, gnocchi, osso buco, tiramisu, cannoli, strawberry gelato, panna cotta and affagatto. Definites on the menu are Will’s foccacia and my lasagne. Will makes amazing bread so it has to get a guernsey and, with shameless immodesty, I hereby stake my claim to making THE BEST lasagne in the world. It’s a big call, but it’s a great lasagne.

I was very excited to hear that Liam wants to write the quiz questions, and delighted to hear his method of handicapping his father, thereby giving the rest of us a chance of victory. Liam has decreed that Will will only have 15 minutes to read the factsheet and place mat. Good thinking, Liam!

Let’s hope the weather is kind to us. Not too hot and not too wet!

The factsheet and place-mat are attached. Study up for Liam’s quiz, which I will post after our lunch.

A presto!








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