Seatbelts fastened. Buonasera, Italia

Preparations are well under way for lunch in Italy tomorrow.

Let me check through the menu:

  • Bruschetta – ingredients chopped
  • Lasagne – cooked
  • Osso buco – in the slow cooker
  • Gnocchi – made and waiting for its sauce
  • Salad – all ingredients chopped and dressing made
  • Tiramisu – assembled and chilling in the fridge
  • Coffee and Amaretto panna cotta – setting
  • Cannoli – shells made, waiting to be filled

The house smells amazing, and I can’t wait to get into the food tomorrow.

Friends of mine, Neil and Jill, are joining us, and will bring chinotto and chianti. That’ll be interesting – I tried chinotto as a teenager and hated it, but I’m sure my taste buds have matured since then.

The tiramisu and cannoli shells both have marsala, in them so I had to buy a bottle. I’m sure the label hasn’t changed since I used to drink it in my teenage days (and much preferred over chinotto). I might buy some lemonade, and have a few drinks of marsala and lemonade tomorrow – jeepers, but that’ll be a blast from the past!

We should be able to eat outside – they’re predicting neither 39 degrees nor a one-in-ten-thousand years rainstorm. The prediction is 25 degrees, which sounds perfect. And very Italian!

I’ve posted some pics, and will post more tomorrow (thanking Elysia in advance!).







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