Like so many bwindow_fb1usy people, I wear many different hats.

But which ones inspire me? Which ones force me out of my comfort zone? Which ones make me want to leap out of bed in the morning and charge into the day?

Obviously being part of a large and loving family is a standout. But there’s also cooking, travel, and photography. Oh, there’s also work and, although the thought of going to work ¬†four days a week does not make me leap out of bed in the morning, it’s not such a bad way to spend the day (and it does provide a lot of willing guinea pigs for cooking experiments).

My nephew and his wife (the most excellent Scott and Lara) started, some years ago, to do a virtual tour around the world by reading the books, watching the movies and cooking the food of their chosen country for a fortnight (working alphabetically through all 196 countries). What a great idea!!

Being on the wrong side of 60, I’m not sure I have the time left to do a virtual tour of all 196 countries, so we chose to do 80 countries (as a nod to Jules Verne). At one country a month, that will take until I’m 70. Let’s re-assess then.

I owe Scott and Lara many thanks for the inspiration for Around the world in 80 cuisines. And, in advance, many more thanks to my wonderful daughters, Karma and Lauren, and their partners and children for the love, humour, support and encouragement that they always have so ready at hand. Not to mention seriously good appetites.

I’m sure we will all enjoy touring around the world in 80 cuisines.

I hope you do, too.

Joy Rollason


    • Thanks Bronwyn. It’s really good fun so far. Lauren gave me a scratch map of the world, so we will scratch off each country as we go. And we’re having great fun selecting countries. The next ones are Morocco, Jamaica, Portugal, Madagascar (chosen by the eight-year-old), Australia (chosen by the four-year-old), Greece and Egypt. We were joking the other day that, for Australia, we only need to go up to Bunnings and buy a sausage, and maybe get a beer and a lamington on the way home.


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