Why Denmark?

It’s about time Jan got to choose a country, and she has chosen Denmark.

My experience of Denmark

I had a weekend in Copenhagen in December 2008, but I was really unwell. I recall sitting on a seat in the Viking Museum, crying in pain. It turned out that I had a kidney stone that had become a bladder stone. It was fairly awful.

But we did see the major sights of Copenhagen. The Christmas market at the Tivoli Gardens was enchanting, the Little Mermaid is really little, and we got a train to Malmo in Sweden (which was lovely). There were bikes everywhere.


I must remember to wear my only piece of Georg Jensen jewellery. I love Georg Jensen stuff. Note to friends and family I LOVE Georg Jensen stuff!!!!

Planning is well under way for lunch in Denmark on Sunday 29 April.

Elysia’s mum, Larissa, will join us, as well as Viv and Bill. Larissa did a year’s student exchange in Denmark, so it will be great to get her comments on how authentic our meal is. And she should smash the quiz!

It turns out that Danish pastries do not come from Denmark, but wienerbrod is their traditional pastry. It looks yum!

And how good does a white chocolate pie with licorice and berries sound? I’m not sure we could add anything else to that mix of delicious flavours.

Glogg sounds great – I love mulled wine but I’ve never had Aquavit in it before. It certainly sounds worth a try!

I’m entirely unconvinced about the appeal of pickled herrings, and might try one on an open sandwich, but it’ll be with my face screwed up.

Friday 27 April 2018


I was at Lauren’s house tonight, and we thought we would google typical recipes from Greenland, seeing it is part of Denmark. How could anyone who has had a few glasses of wine go past a recipe for celery three ways. So we didn’t.

It’s always interesting relying on recipes from the internet – you never know what you’re actually going to end up with until you’re at the end. Our recipe for celery three ways didn’t say how many it served, but it said to use two stalks of celery. That’s not going not serve too many people, is it? And the first step was “Peel all the celery.” This is getting more and more interesting. Another couple of wines, and we decided that perhaps we should use celeriac rather than celery. That’s OK – I’ve never bought, cooked or eaten celeriac before, so why not?

Saturday 28 April 2018

Elysia and Lani came around to my place to help with the cooking. Elysia is very much into baking cakes and desserts, and immediately got into making the wienerbrod and the white chocolate pie.

Lani’s specialty is tasting sweet things, so she had a lovely time making sure that there was nothing wrong with the caster sugar, or the icing sugar, or the white chocolate, or the berries. Are you getting the drift of Lani’s tasting skills?

The menu

Our menu was:

  • Dilled shrimp
  • Pickled herrings
  • Beef pot roast
  • Burning love (how intriguing does that sound!)
  • Pork tenderloin with mushrooms
  • Danish blue cheese salad
  • Danish open sandwiches
  • Linser pies
  • White chocolate pie with licorice and berries
  • Wienerbrod
  • Glogg

And, of course, celery three ways.

Here are the recipes for our faves – Denmark best recipes

Click here to see all our favourite recipes.

The food

My long-held leaning towards mulled wine ensured that I liked the glogg best, although the burning love was a hit with quite a few of us. The open sandwiches were really nice, and the vote was that the pickled herrings were not nearly as bad as they sound.

I was very impressed with Liam for trying the dilled shrimp, which he thought was yummy. Go Liam! Lani had a vegemite sandwich.

The favourite seemed to be the burning love. But really. Mashed potato, fried onion and bacon. What is there not to love about that combination.

The pork and beef were delicious, too.

The celery three ways, after all the wine-induced hilarity of thinking about three ways of preparing celery, was actually not too bad, and the serving platter was cleaned up fairly quickly. We learned that celery and celeriac, although related botanically, are not the same plant.

The linser pies were a bit of a disappointment. They were effectively custard pies and, most unusually for me, I followed the recipe. The custard had soaked into the pastry, so if I was to make them again, I would blind bake the pastry first.

The white chocolate pie had a little too much licorice in it, but it is worth trying another time, but reducing the amount of licorice.

The drinks

The glogg. For me it was all about the glogg. Lauren and Will brought some Carlsberg, and that went down in the true Danish way (i.e. much appreciated).

The ambience

While we were cooking on Saturday, we tried a couple of Spotify lists.

I found a Danish pop music list that warned that it had lots of explicit language, so I wasn’t comfortable playing that. We then tried another playlist, which Elysia described as One Direction singing in a language we didn’t understand. It wasn’t the foreign language that was the problem with this list, it was the fact that it sounded like One Direction. I then found a playlist of Scandinavian jazz, which was fairly hard work to listen to for more than ten minutes.

We were able to sit outside, although it got very cold later in the afternoon.

The quiz

Will did the quiz. Elysia and Larissa came equal first. This is three months in a row that Will has not won the quiz. But who’s counting? The last question raised a few laughs.




Where to next?

This became a very interesting discussion at our Friday night planning session – let’s call it a planning session for the sake of decorum.

We had planned to go to Iran for our May lunch, but Liam’s birthday is in May, so it’ll be his choice.

He loves the English Lions’ song (which is about the World Cup soccer), so wants to go to England for lunch in his birthday month. United Kingdom, here we come. We’ll have to make sure that we have a specific Welsh, Scottish and Irish dish as well. We’ll have to have leeks for Wales, something with potatoes for Northern Ireland, and not haggis for Scotland, and not mushy peas for England.

At least the music will be great. I can listen to the Beatles for days on end. I’ll be in heaven!

Lani chose France as her next country, which didn’t really inspire me until I looked through Lauren’s French cook book. What was I thinking! French onion soup, prawns in garlic butter, croquembouche – so, so much yummy food.

Elysia has chosen Norway as her next country – looks like more pickled herrings coming up.

Lauren has chosen Korea, and Will has chosen Hungary.

Goddam, but I love doing this!

See you in the Old Dart on 27 May!!!

Thanks again, Elysia for the photos

One comment

  1. “He loves the English Lions’ theme song (I think that is rugby)”.

    Mother – really????!!! Do you not know my family at all??? 🙂

    It called Three Lions and is about Football (ie, soccer). It was written about the 1996 (?) European Championship, and was supposed to inspire England to win it . . .. sadly it didn’t. The song would have much more impact if they had actually end up winning, but Liam loves anything football, so this song is bound to be one of his faves.

    [Oh dear – clearly I’ve been with Will too long]


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