Why Hungary?

Will has chosen Hungary because he is not familiar with the food. That’s a great reason, so Hungary it is!

My experience of Hungary

I have never been to Hungary but I understand that Budapest is a must-see city.

Getting the factsheet together taught me quite a bit about Hungary – it is a very interesting country. The rubik’s cube and Volkswagen beetle were created by Hungarians. The number 96 is hugely significant in Hungary, and Hungary was the first of the communist-bloc countries to open its borders to western Europe.


Lunch in Hungary would normally be on Sunday 30 September, but Lauren and Will are going away for Grand Final weekend, so we’ll have lunch in Hungary on Sunday 23 September. It seems like ages since we had an international lunch – we had lunch in Norway before Elysia left for Norway in mid-August.

The menu

There’s a good range of recipes for Hungary. We have to have goulash of course. And paprikash. But I’ll be careful not to put too much pepper on it (what would Harry say to Sally about too much pepper on the paprikash!).

Here’s the menu so far:

  • Mushroom soup
  • Braided white bread
  • Beef in bay leaf gravy
  • Chicken paprikash
  • Goulash
  • Cucumber salad
  • Beans and mushrooms
  • Short ribs
  • Dobos torte
  • Crepes (maybe)

I’m looking forward to making the Dobos Torte – I’ve never made a proper torte before, so that’ll be fun.

Our cocktail will be the Mad Hungarian. That sounds interesting – spiced rum and root beer. They’re both fairly strong flavours: people are either going to love it or hate it, I suspect.

The food

Hungarian food is awesome!!

We all loved the mushroom soup. I very rarely eat mushroom soup – it’s generally too thick and bland for me. But this was absolutely delicious. Maybe it was the paprika and sour cream. That recipe is definitely a keeper!

Another keeper recipe is the ribs. They were superb. Even better than superb, whatever that adjective might be. I urge you to try this recipe. You won’t be disappointed. They were more than delicious.

The chicken paprikash was also lovely, as was the cucumber salad. And the beans were lovely, probably due to the addition of garlic and mushrooms and, yes, paprika.

There was definitely a common ingredient – paprika. And then more paprika. The internet tells us that Hungarians eat more than 500 grams of paprika a year. This sounds like an awful lot, but I used an awful lot for just one meal.

Lani helped me make the Dobos Torte, and both Liam and Lani helped me decorate it. I’m glad I made a torte – it was my first one and a fun experience. But it was still just a cake with icing; a lot of icing. I’m not much of a cake eater so this torte did not jump to the top of my favourite cake list. It looked very impressive though. If you like cake and icing, and want an impressive looking cake, this is your recipe.

We had far too much food to even think about cooking the crepes, but I ate some of the almond filling with chocolate sauce during the week – they are delicious.

Here are the recipes for our faves – Hungary best recipes

Click here to see all our favourite recipes.

The drinks

Ah yes. The Mad Hungarian. As I expected people either loved or hated it. Actually I was the only one who liked it. But I was the only one there who liked sarsaparilla. That’s OK with me – I ended up with all the Mad Hungarians.

The quiz

I wrote the quiz. And Will won it. Situation normal!

Here’s the factsheet – Factsheet_Hungary

Here’s the place-mat – Place-mat_Hungary

And here’s the quiz – Quiz_Hungary

The highlight of lunch in Hungary

The dishes of the day were definitely the mushroom soup and the ribs. Both smashingly delicious.

And the Mad Hungarian. But I was the only one who voted for that.

Where to next?

Lauren has chosen South Korea and her birthday is in October, so we’re off to South Korea on Sunday 28 October.

South Korea marks a significant marker. It’s our 20th country, so we’ll be one quarter of our way around the world in 80 cuisines.

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