Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka

And why not go to Sri Lanka – the source of so many yummy curries and spices.

My experience of Sri Lanka

I haven’t been there and, to be honest, it is not on my bucket list. But like so many other people, I’m very happy to eat as much Sri Lankan food as I can get.

The menu

Here’s the menu:

  • Chilli bites
  • Egg curry with coconut sambal
  • Eggplant and mustard curry
  • Kottu roti
  • Pepper beef curry
  • Sinhalese lamb curry
  • Sir Lankan fish curry
  • Turmeric curry leaf prawns
  • Coconut caramel custard

Here are the recipes for our faves – Sri Lanka best recipes

Click here to see all our favourite recipes.


Prep for Sri Lanka was relatively easy. The only ingredient I couldn’t get was pandan leaf, but then I remembered that I had bought some pandan essence for lunch in India. Job done!

And I amazed myself with my time management. A very busy Friday at work, Lani’s netball at sparrow’s on Saturday and then, on Saturday night, what I have been waiting for for 17 years. Karma went to London 17 years ago and came home on Saturday night with her delightful family. It’s so wonderful to have you DownUnder, Rob, Lili and Eden. I simply don’t have the words to describe it!

By the time everyone arrived on Sunday afternoon, everything was AUC (all under control), and ready to go.

And with all the spices, my kitchen smelled amazing.

The food

The food was fantastic, just as we expected it to be. Except for the chilli bites, which were less than ordinary. To my taste they were just stodgy doughnuts that were dredged with chilli and salt. Dredging them instead with cinnamon and sugar didn’t help. Maybe I got the recipe wrong, If I ever see Sri Lankan chilli bites in a shop, I’ll have to buy them so that I can see what they’re really supposed to taste like.

But the rest was fantastic. The lamb and the prawn curries were very popular but the most popular was probably the eggplant and mustard curry. The egg curry was very nice too.

The dessert wasn’t the best one we’ve had but it was passable.

Thank you, Lauren, for cracking the coconut so we could have fresh coconut flesh!

The drinks

Sri Lanka was one of the best cocktails yet. Lauren couldn’t find a Sri Lankan cocktail that inspired her, so she made her own. Lauren you have missed your calling!

Lani called it the Spicy Sri Lankan Cocktail. It had some typical Sri Lankan spices, sugar syrup, white rum, dark rum and Malibu (which is rum). It was fabulous. Three rums are always going to be fabulous.

The ambience

From a personal point of view this was the best yet, but that’s because all my family was there – two wonderful daughters, two fabulous sons-in-law, five gorgeous grandchildren. And Jan was there, too, of course and she’s relaxed because she has sold her business. We were all very chilled.

And in an amazing coincidence of timing, lunch in Sri Lanka coincided with Diwali. What serendipity! Did you know that the word serendipity comes from the Persian name for Sri Lanka, which is Serendib. What serendipity!

The music wasn’t great – I ended up playing my UK playlist. Love my UK playlist

We also decided our countries for 2020. We’ve got USA and Lebanon left for this year, but next year, we’re going to (not necessarily in this order) Croatia, Cambodia, Ireland, Peru, Uruguay, Chad, Cyprus, Argentina, Philippines, Colombia and Kazakhstan. We should have a very interesting 2020!

The quiz

In what is becoming rather predictable, Will won the quiz. Well done, Will. Rob came second and Karma came a very close third. Well done to the new arrivals.

We did OK in The Age quiz as well. We’re brainiacs!

Here’s the factsheet – Factsheet_Sri Lanka

Here’s the place-mat – Place-mat_Sri Lanka

And here’s the quiz – Quiz_Sri Lanka

The highlight of lunch in Sri Lanka

mmmmm. The highlight of lunch in Sri Lanka. There was so much yummy food to choose from. Was it the eggplant curry, the prawn curry, the fish curry, the egg curry, the kottu roti? I give up. I can’t choose. It was all really nice.

Where to next?

I don’t have any free weekends in November, so we’ll have lunch in the USA on Sunday 1 December.

When we started this adventure, I was hoping that no-one would choose the US but now I’m very excited about it. I love ribs, and I want to try fried chicken and key lime pie. I also want to find out exactly what a Reuben sandwich is. I guess we’ll also have to have pumpkin pie. I’m not sure about grits, though. I don’t know what grits are, so the jury is out on that one until I’ve done some research. And Jess is going to give me the recipe for the best cornbread on the planet.

Yep, lunch in the USA is going to be great! See ya’ll on 1 December.